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Who we are

Unlike other cremation services in Omaha, Eco Animal's services are provided directly by a veterinarian. 

Eco Animal Cremations was founded by Dr. Dan and his wife, Jordan.  Dr. Dan grew up in Omaha before completing his veterinary degree at Iowa State University and then meeting his wife in California.


Dr. Dan is deeply passionate about the care your pet gets before and after passing away. 

Being a veterinarian, he sees the pain of losing a beloved pet first hand.  Dr. Dan wants to make sure that your pet gets the respect and care they need during the cremation process.  He takes complete responsibility for every pet.

If you have questions, please call.

"I would like to thank all that have made Eco Animal possible.  Being able to provide this services makes me so proud, and I pray that it provides comfort to others during their time of loss." -Dr. Dan


Meet the Eco Team

Dr. Dan

Lead veterinarian and direct  supervisor of all operations



Aquamation Technician


Office Manager



Office Support



Customer Service Specialist

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