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Eco Animal Cremation

Natural • Respectful • Gentle

About us

Eco Animal Cremation is the only business that offers water cremation in Nebraska. We’re located just north of 93rd and Maple Street, in Omaha, Nebraska. At Eco Animal Cremation, our goal is to offer the best cremation services to our patients and grieving pet parents.


You can visit us directly at our location or use our services through your veterinarian hospital, we visit clinics in the Omaha Metropolitan Area several times a week. Because of our dedication to our clients and vet clinics, we’re able to complete the entire cremation process in 8 days. We ask that you call ahead to make an appointment. We understand life and tragedies can happen, so we also welcome walk-in appointments during our business hours.


Here at Eco Animal Cremation, we take pride in delivering exactly what each of our pet parents want- with all the love, respect, and care every animal deserves.


Please let us know how we can help.

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3012 N 93rd St, Omaha, NE 68134

What is water creamtion?

Water cremation is very similar to burials, in that both of them use natural ways to break down the body and leave the remains behind. There are no greenhouse gasses, no mercury emissions and no flames. Like mother nature, our water cremation process only uses Alkaline water and heat.


Water cremation makes only

1/10th the carbon footprint that fire cremation does

Unlike traditional

fire cremation, water cremation provides 20%-30% more remains after the process is completed

Compared to fire cremation, water cremation uses 90% less energy and reduces carbon emissions by 90%