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Giving a Hand

Eco Animal Cremation

Natural • Respectful • Gentle


Our Story

"I would like to thank all that have made Eco Animal possible.  Being able to provide this service makes me so proud, and I pray that it provides comfort to others during their time of loss." -Dr. Dan

Eco Animal Cremation was founded by Dr. Dan and his wife, Jordan.  Dr. Dan grew up in Omaha before completing his veterinary degree at Iowa State University and then meeting his wife in California.


Being a veterinarian, he sees the pain of losing a beloved pet first hand.  Dr. Dan wants to make sure that your pet gets the respect and care they need during the cremation process.  He takes complete responsibility for every pet.

Eco Animal Cremation is the only water cremation service in Nebraska.  With water cremation there are still ashes at the end, it's only that our process is different.  Water cremation mimics the burial process and is very natural.  If you’d like to learn more please give us a call.

After a long awaited move to 93rd and Maple in September of 2023, Eco Animal is settled into its new home.  We are in a larger building so we can serve more of the community. 

The Eco Team has been growing and always does a phenomenal job ensuring paperwork is correct and accurate, pawprints and fur clippings are beautiful, and every pet is cared for with respect.


What's unique about water cremation?

•Water cremation is more gentle than traditional flame cremation so you receive back about 20% more ash.


•The energy cost for water cremation is only 10% of what it costs for flame cremation


•With water cremation there are no direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses or mercury.  As well there are no burnings of fossil fuels

To learn more about water cremation please give us a call.

Contact us

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-Noon   1Pm-4:30pm 

3012 N 93rd St, Omaha, NE 68134

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